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Nanollose (ASX:NC6) invests $200K for 20pc stake in CelluAir

The Market Herald – September 30, 2020 Nanollose (NC6) has made a $200,000 strategic investment to purchase a 20 per cent holding in CelluAir. CelluAir is an Australian-based joint venture company between the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Innovyz. It was formed to develop and commercialise an advanced filtration technology (AFT) based on nanocellulose. […]

Nanollose garment created from the company’s Tree-Free Rayon fibre.
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Nanollose Created a First-of-Its-Kind Garment from Coconut Waste

Adding to the natural fiber sweaters that are currently available to consumers, biomaterial technology company Nanollose is introducing an innovative new style made from sustainable coconut waste. The unique new sweater has the potential to inspire manufacturers and designers who are looking to incorporate more eco-friendly and ethical materials into their work.  Read more here

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Aus tech business produces sweater from organic waste

PERTH – Australian tech business Nanollose has announced its first test garment – a 3D knitted sweater made using fibres produced from the fermentation of liquid coconut waste using bacteria. The company, which has a test plant in Indonesia, is seeking to disrupt the traditional rayon fibre production industry with its patented technology which develops […]

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Nanollose To Research Microbial Cellulose For Tissue Engineering

Australian company Nanollose Limited was recently in the news for successfully developing its revolutionary Tree-Free Nullarbor(TM) fibre into garment, proving its commercial success. And thus offering the textile and apparel industry a sustainable cellulose fibre, in contrast to the conventionally environmentally degrading viscose fibre. The garment was created using the latest 3D sweater-knit technology. Read […]

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This is What the World’s First Tree-Free Viscose Garment Looks Like

Nanollose, the Australian biotech firm behind what it claims is the world’s first tree-free rayon-viscose fiber, has now created what is quite possibly the world’s first piece of tree-free rayon-viscose clothing.  Knit using 3-D technology, the “first of its kind” sweater is a developmental milestone for Nanollose’s Nullarbor fiber, which is derived, in part, from… […]