Nanollose CEO Alfie Germano interview with Bulls N Bears MD Matt Birney

Check out this interview by Bulls N Bears M.D Matt Birney with Nanollose CEO Alfie Germano in the Perth Bulls N Bears studios.

Plant-free fabric maker Nanollose lists as sustainable fashion takes off

Sustainable fashion is a fast-growing trend and plant-free fabric maker Nanollose (ASX:NC6) — which listed today on the ASX — is ready to take advantage.

Nanollose shares were up 6c at 26c in Wednesday afternoon trade — a 30 per cent premium to their 20c issue price…

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Perth startup Nanollose raises $5 million ahead of ASX listing in mission to shake up the textiles industry with fabrics made from alcohol

Perth biotech startup Nanollose has raised $5 million from investors ahead of listing on the Australian Securities Exchange, as it continues its mission to take on the textiles industry with its unique offerings: fabrics derived from beer and wine…

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A company that makes clothes out of beer is raising $5 million and listing on the ASX

A Perth-based textiles company has announced plans to list on the Australian stock market, which is not necessarily newsworthy in itself, except for the fact that it makes clothes derived from beer.

According to a report in The West Australian, Nanollose is planning to raise $5 million from a public listing to assist in commercial development…

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Perth ‘beer dress’ company raises glass to stock

A Perth company which garnered worldwide attention with a dress made with a fabric derived from beer is heading to the stock market.

Nanollose aims to raise $5 million from investors to help commercialise a plant-free cellulose fibre it is promoting as a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to cotton, tree pulp and other materials used in textiles…

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Bio-fibre technology company seeks $5m from investors ahead of IPO

Australian technology company produces a world first sustainable alternative to one of the world’s top polluting industries.

Australian company Nanollose Ltd is raising $5,000,000 from Australian investors, with ambitions to commercialise their sustainable fibre technology after an IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange expected for September.

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Nanollose raises Au$5 mn to develop sustainable fibre

Australian company Nanollose Ltd has raised Au$5,000,000 from investors, with ambitions to commercialise its sustainable fibre technology after an IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange expected for October 18. The amount would be used to advance fibre development, with the vision of contributing a positive change in the global textile and fashion markets…

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A former Gap boss is pushing to get fermented fashion on the ASX

A former executive of clothing giant Gap is bringing to the ASX an Australian invention that can create fabric from beer and wine.

Raffaele “Alfie” Germano has taken the reigns at Nanollose and will try to raise $5 million with an initial public offering, with hopes to list the company next month…

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The Plant-Free Eco Fabric Of The Future

Today’s Revolution Talk is hold with CEO Managing Director at Nanollose Ltd. which is an Australian-based company that creates a plant-free cellulose fibre. This fibre could become the most sustainable fibre ever as it does not require the source of agricultural land or natural resources…

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IPOs: who’s going ahead, who’s on hold and who’s missing in action

There are 19 companies due to list in Australia before the end of the year, according to the ASX and prospectuses.

Some of the more intriguing include Nanollose, which claims to have invented a new kind of cellulose fibre…

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