The Plant-Free Eco Fabric Of The Future

Today’s Revolution Talk is hold with CEO Managing Director at Nanollose Ltd. which is an Australian-based company that creates a plant-free cellulose fibre. This fibre could become the most sustainable fibre ever as it does not require the source of agricultural land or natural resources…

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IPOs: who’s going ahead, who’s on hold and who’s missing in action

There are 19 companies due to list in Australia before the end of the year, according to the ASX and prospectuses.

Some of the more intriguing include Nanollose, which claims to have invented a new kind of cellulose fibre…

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Nanollose develops plant-free viscose rayon fibre

Nanollose, an Australian technology company, has developed plant-free viscose-rayon fibre. Unlike conventional rayon, Nanollose’s sustainable alternative is derived using microbes that convert biomass waste products from the liquid food industries into microbial cellulose which is then converted into rayon fibres using the Nanollose technology…

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Nanollose Just Created a Viscose Fiber That Doesn’t Use Plants at All

The cellulosic fiber market has a new entrant that takes the next step in the sustainable production of viscose.

Nanollose Limited has produced what it believes to be the world’s first plant-free viscose fiber. Nanollose technology can convert plant-free microbial cellulose into a valued commercial fiber product. This gives the Perth, Australia-based company a significant opportunity in offering a sustainable alternative for plant-based fibers such as viscose that can have significant environmental impacts…

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Nanollose produces revolutionary sustainable fibre for the clothing industry

ASX listed technology company Nanollose Limited (ASX: NC6) has created what it believes to be the world’s first Plant-Free viscose-rayon fibre, marking a significant breakthrough for the global clothing industry that until now, have had limited eco-friendly Plant-Free rayon fibre solutions available to them…

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Nanollose unveils plant-free eco-friendly rayon fibre

Australian technology firm Nanollose today (5 December) unveiled what it believes is the world’s first plant-free viscose-rayon fibre, creating a new eco-friendly material for brands, retailers and manufacturers…

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Nanollose hopes this plant-free rayon fibre will revolutionise sustainable fashion

Fermented fabric maker Nanollose surged 22 per cent after showing off the world’s first plant-free rayon fibre — which it hopes will revolutionise sustainable fashion.

It’s the first commercially valued fibre made by the Perth-based company using a process which converts waste from beer, wine and liquid food industries into fabric-making cellulose…

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Nanollose develops sustainable fibre for apparel industry

With increasing environmental concerns associated with the production of fibres from cotton and other plant based sources, Nanollose, an innovative Australian company, has developed what it believes is a revolutionary plant-free viscose-rayon fibre product…

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Fashioning change with eco-friendly fibre

Textile company Nanollose has created what it says is the world’s first plant-free viscose-rayon fibre, claiming it represents a breakthrough in its efforts to reduce environmental impacts on the fashion industry…

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