Rayon Fibre

Nanollose produces revolutionary plant-free viscose-rayon fibre

Nanollose is pleased to announce it has produced what it believes to be the world’s first plant-free viscose-rayon fibre, marking a significant breakthrough for the global textile and clothing industries.

This milestone validates that the Nanollose technology can convert plant-free microbial cellulose into a valued commercial fibre product. This gives the Company a large opportunity in offering a sustainable alternative for plant-based fibres such as Viscose-Rayon, which are commonly used, but have significant environmental impacts.

Unlike conventional rayon, Nanollose’s sustainable plant-free rayon fibre is derived using microbes that convert biomass waste products from the beer, wine and liquid food industries into microbial cellulose, in a process that takes less than one month and requires very little land, water or energy. The microbial cellulose is then converted into rayon fibres using the Nanollose technology which is compatible with existing industry processing and manufacturing equipment.

ASX Release – Rayon Fibre